Joel & Vien Herrera
     DCS - Management

The Management Apostolate
ensures the proper administration of the Community's personnel and material and financial resources, including those of the Foundations, Cooperatives and other Institutions or establishments organized by the Community and its Districts for the purpose of enhancing their financial and logistics capabilities in accordance with existing policies and guidelines.

    I. Oversees the administration of the different Secretariats serving the Council of Servant Leaders (CSL) and the Community Districts;

    II. Oversees the management of the Foundations, the Cooperatives, and other Institutions or establishments of the Community that are organized for business and other purposes that will enhance the financial and logistic capabilities of the Community and its Districts;

    III. Ensures that all Districts exercise transparency and the use generally accepted accounting and auditing procedures on the management of its resources;

    IV. Oversees efforts to generate funds and other material resources to support the resources requirements of the Community and its Districts for their administrative and other general objectives;

    V. Ensure that logistics requirements are provided for Community and the Districts' general activities such as Corporate Worship/Prayer Meetings Eucharist Celebrations and Community or District Assemblies.