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     DCS - Mission

The Mission Apostolate
as the Community's Apostolate for the social action, strengthen the Parish in a building basic ecclesial communities and assist in breaking the yoke of poverty and oppression.

    I. Parochial - Establishing the formation of the Communities of Disciples in Parishes through the conduct of Encounter programs, Life in the spirit Seminars and the Basic Formation Teachings;

    II. Seeding - "Seeding" in Parishes within a BLD District at least one (1) couple who have completed the Marriage Encounter, the life in the Spirit Seminar, and the Spiritual Growth programs;
    III. Intercessory - Recruiting and equipping for coordinated intercession and spiritual warfare, prayer warrior in Parishes within a BLD District;

    IV. Housing and Livelihood - Assisting families out of poverty towards dignity and productivity as children of God.